Ron DeSantis a ‘Distant Second’ Behind Donald Trump As Republican Presidential Nominee According to Recent Poll

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A recent poll to assess the mood of Americans has concluded that Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis is still a long way behind former President Donald Trump in the running for the Republican party nomination for presidential candidate.

The survey carried out by Reuters and Ipsos, revealed that while 54% of GOP voters preferred Trump as their candidate, just 11% would opt for Ron DeSantis. 14% of Republican respondents were unsure.

It’s important to consider the size of the survey when giving statistics any credence. The survey consulted just 1,792 Republicans across the USA for their opinion. This might be considered a relatively small sample, stacked against DeSantis when compared to a straw-poll carried out at the Western Conservative Summitin Denver, in June last year.

In that survey, DeSantis edged out Trump as the frontrunner.

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There’s still plenty of time for Governor DeSantis to make up ground (should he decide to run for president), but the results of the survey will give his campaign organization food for thought.

Trump would like DeSantis to declare himself out for presidency

A November 19 report from sources close to Trump, suggested that he’s irritated that DeSantis won’t rule himself out from running for President in 2024. He was reportedly ‘griping’ about DeSantis to visitors at Mar-a-Lago, complaining about his growing popularity.

While DeSantis is in the midst of running for re-election as Governor, he doesn’t seem willing to declare himself out of the running for 2024.

Trump driven by jealousy?

Trump seems to love DeSantis one minute and is dismissive of him the next. Ahead of a National Republican Congressional Committee dinner earlier in November, Trump hinted at DeSantis as a potential running mate for the 2024 presidential election.

Source: YouTube

Referring to the Governor, Trump was complimentary (if a little measured):

“He’s a good man, but we have a lot of great people. He’s been good”

His opinions keep changing though. Earlier this year, Trump hinted that he would consider DeSantis as a running mate if he decided to run for another term in the Oval Office. In another U-turn, Trump stated in October 2021 that if he were up against DeSantis in an election, he’d beat him.

Most recently, on the Trump ‘History Tour’ in December 2021, he spoke of DeSantis as a possible running mate.

DeSantis growing more popular in Florida

Meanwhile, Governor DeSantis seems content to remain quiet about his plans. He’s more focused on building popularity within the GOP as a whole.

The 2022 legislative season will feature prominent debates on allowing constitutional carry of handguns within the state — a measure that DeSantis has said he’d sign into law if it crossed his desk.

Such acts seem likely to increase his popularity in the state, and could help build his profile nationally if gun-laws were changed in Florida.

2022 promises to be an interesting year for the Republican party and its voters. For non-Republicans, the prospect of another Trump presidency or of DeSantis ascending to the White House could both seem troubling prospects.

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