Rep. Matt Gaetz Makes Insensitive Comment on Roe vs Wade: “Nobody Wants to Impregnate You if You Look Like a Thumb.”

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One of the Republican party’s more divisive and extreme characters — Florida’s Representative Matt Gaetz — spoke at this weekend’s Turning Point USA Conference held in the Sunshine State, and his comments have attracted the usual controversy from critics.

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This time it would seem that Gaetz has crossed the line from following Republican Party narrative, right into terrain that would be best described as misogynistic and outright offensive.

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Speaking on the supreme court having recently overturned Roe Vs. Wade — effectively denying women of their rights to choose to abort a pregnancy — Gaetz spoke instead about whether women who protest against the ruling should even be concerned about getting pregnant.

In extremely hateful comments that trivialized an important issue, Gaetz said:

“Why is it that the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions? Nobody wants to impregnate you if you look like a thumb.”

A history of controversy

Rep. Matt Gaetz is no stranger to attracting criticism for the things he says — there’s a sense that he knows that the best way to get publicity is to say outrageous things. Nonetheless, his recent flippant remarks about abortions and Roe Vs Wade seem extreme even for him.

In April of this year, Gaetz incurred the ire of a different sector of humanity, when he voted against capping the cost of insulin for diabetics at $35. This wasn’t all that unusual — 193 House Republicans did the same. But it was the justification that he offered for his vote — the suggestion that type 2 diabetics should instead lose weight and exercise more.

Source: YouTube

Unsurprising given the speaker (and the event)?

Some will be unsurprised that the comments were made by Gaetz given his history and love of publicity. He also once stated that acquitted shooter Kyle Rittenhouse would make a good political intern.

The Turning Point USA group has become synonymous with being the conservative movement’s MAGA Youth wing, its members loyally devoted to former president Donald Trump. On this basis, and with the roster of speakers at the event including other divisive Republicans such as Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert, the comments from Rep. Gaetz were probably amongst the more innocuous of those made at the event.

It still seems likely that his comments will attract further criticism and derision in the coming days.

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