Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene Rants About Surveillance — Could Americans Be “Zapped” if They Eat a Cheeseburger?

Facebook page of Marjorie Taylor-Greene

Georgia’s Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene took to her Facebook page on Sunday May 29 to deliver an hour-long monolog on various topics — a live video that had attracted over 13,000 views within its first 12 hours.

Amongst the subjects that MTG chose to address, was an unsubstantiated rant in which she speculated about the federal government’s supposed intentions to carry out surveillance of every moment of every day in the lives of every citizen of the nation. It was confusing at best, particularly when she moved on to discuss how the government wants to monitor and control what people eat and when they eat it.

Source: Twitter

One of her more random suggestions was that when Americans eat a cheeseburger in future, they may somehow be “zapped” from within (in her terms). This monitoring would apparently alert the government to the fact that the person had eaten real meat instead of synthetic meat grown in “peach tree dishes” (again, in her own words — perhaps she meant petri dishes).

A surveillance state?

While Taylor-Greene’s comments on this occasion were nothing out of the ordinary she touches upon an interesting point — surveillance.

Many Americans are sensitive to the fact that for much of their lives, their movements are being watched and monitored by cameras that exist all around us. A 2019 study by the Wall Street Journal predicted that by the end of 2021 there would be one billion surveillance cameras deployed around the world.

Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

Ranging from static cameras that monitor people’s movements around public buildings and spaces, to doorbell cameras on homes and body cameras used routinely by police forces and other first responders, a vast amount of video data is gathered every minute. There’s often a lot of good that happens as a result of that surveillance, but many view it as a potential threat to freedoms.

Body cameras have captured evidence of acts of heroism by police officers, and have also caught officers out as they committed misdemeanors while forgetting their camera was recording.

A recent report suggested that Americans are caught on camera around 70 times every day, which seems a staggeringly high number.

And as far as Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s suggestion that surveillance technologies exist (or would ever exist) that report to the government when Americans eat a cheeseburger? It seems a little far-fetched at best.

The future of synthetic meat

In her rant, Taylor-Greene referenced the scientific initiative to grow synthetic meat — she touched upon another interesting point. Revered scientific minds around the world have suggested that society should be exploring means of switching to the consumption of synthetically produced beef in order to help prevent a future climate disaster.

Source: YouTube

Their suggestion is that it will be impossible to meet continued demand for beef at current levels without having a significant ongoing impact upon the climate. Beef farming demands a lot of land for the cattle, water to sustain them and to grow their feed and then process the meat as well as the environmental impact associated with the industry required to process them.

Replacing beef with synthetically grown meat — at least partially — could be a means of reducing the impact upon the environment. That said, there have also been studies to suggest that synthetic meats could have adverse impacts on the environment too.

To refer to synthetic meat as a means of bringing about further surveillance technology definitely seems misguided. Some would argue that Taylor-Greene is irresponsible in spreading such random and unproven ideas as though they were fact.

For her to do so with such conviction could do real harm in convincing her political supporters that there is some basis to her theories other than what seems like little more than speculation.

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