Marco Rubio Tells Florida That the Choice Between Republicans and Democrats Is a Choice Between Common Sense and Lunacy

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At a Republican rally on Saturday July 16, keynote speaker Marco Rubio was bullish about the prospect for the GOP in the forthcoming elections, stating that it was no longer a matter of voters choosing left or right.

Source: YouTube

In his speech, Senator Rubio spoke of a cultural divide that has emerged in America, one that he blames on the Democratic Biden administration for creating and nurturing. He predicts that the outcome of this divide will be a shift in political allegiance for many voters who were once staunchly Democrats:

“Every single one of you knows someone who has never voted for a Republican in their lives, but they’re going to now, not because they agree with us on every issue … but because we agree on what we can agree on. And what we can agree on is common sense,”

He continued:

“The choice in American politics today is no longer simply left and right, or Republican and Democrat … the choice is between common sense and complete and utter lunacy.”

Rubio cited examples of ways in which the Democrats have sought to push narratives that are divisive and focused more upon pushing of what Governor DeSantis has labeled ‘Woke Politics’ — including the teaching of critical race theory which Florida’s governor recently banned with the implementation of the ‘Stop WOKE’ Act.

Source: YouTube

Playing along with the DeSantis narrative

Senator Rubio has previously been associated with some rather lightweight initiatives, including sponsoring a bill in favor of abandoning daylight savings time across the U.S. including Florida.

He has been raising his profile in recent weeks though, and it would appear that his main points of focus are in common with Governor Ron DeSantis’ priorities.

One such issue is the continuing issues around the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

Source: YouTube

Gov. DeSantis has recently enacted new laws to tackle the effects of what he calls Biden’s border crisis, including measures to tackle people trafficking and the continuing flow of dangerous drugs such as synthetic fentanyl.

Is it a matter of common sense?

While Senator Rubio claims that voters will see the Republican perspective on many issues as “common sense” there can be no denying that some Floridians aren’t universally in favor of some of the recent laws and initiatives promoted by DeSantis, Rubio and the GOP.


The Parental Rights in Education bill (the so-called ‘Don’t say gay’ act) and proposals to allow constitutional carry of handguns in the state of Florida, as has been allowed in other Republican-ruled states remain contentious for many Democrats. Time will tell if Rubio’s predictions of a red wave of voters switching allegiance to the Republican party comes to pass.

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