AOC Slams Republicans Who Criticized Her for Visiting Florida — They’re Just “Mad They Can’t Date Me”

AOC and her boyfriend in MiamiTwitter

On December 30, the New York Democrat Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was spotted enjoying cocktails at a Miami sushi restaurant with her boyfriend. Perhaps inevitably her trip attracted criticism, not just for her choosing to be in Florida rather than her home state — but also for her boyfriend’s choice of footwear.

Fleeing New York for Florida?

As New York suffers another particularly bad wave of the pandemic, with over 50,000 new daily cases (compared to 43,000 in Florida), many of AOC’s critics focused on the hypocrisy of her fleeing to Florida rather than being present in her home state.

In 2021 she was vocal about criticizing Ted Cruz for apparently fleeing his home state of Texas with his family at the peak of the last wave of cases.

But others chose instead to focus on her boyfriend’s taste in footwear, mocking his sandals! AOC’s response was unexpected to say the least. She retorted to critics on Twitter, claiming that it was a simple matter of Republicans being frustrated and mad that they couldn’t date her.

Source: AOC on Twitter

While some might have expected her to justify the trip with a more rational explanation, to blame criticism on jealousy amongst Republicans seems like a bit of a stretch, particularly from a Democrat who has been so vocal in criticizing her contemporaries.

Focus on the issues?

A smarter approach for AOC might have been to address the actual issues rather than making wild and speculative accusations towards her critics. Unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be her style. Instead she seems to feel compelled to make radical statements that dilute whatever point she might have had.

AOC demonstrated a similar lack of self-awareness in 2021, when she attended the Met Gala in New York wearing a dress emblazoned with ‘Tax the Rich’ in bright red letters. She seemed happy to ignore the hypocrisy of having used a dress-designer who was accused of dodging taxes in multiple states.

That same dress was later ‘trolled’ by Republican Lauren Boebert who wore a similar dress featuring the unofficial subversive Republican slogan ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ to a ball at Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in November.

Source: YouTube

Some might argue that it’s undignified for politicians to make statements and to engage in arguments, fighting amongst themselves like kids in the school yard. But this seems to be how things go nowadays, on both sides of the political aisle.

Should politicians be held to a higher standard of behavior than they seem to get away with when arguing with each other? Let me know in the comments section below.

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